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production in the persian gulf. focusing mostly iraq. they speak about tensions between saudi arabia and iran. -- for the fall semester. and i would just mention in the way of an advertisement that we will be having our next program on october 23. it will be on jordan. jordan, i think it put a title out there of -- in the cross hairs again. we are fortunate to have the vice-president for studies at carnegie endowment for national peace. and a very good personal friend who will be coming as well as dr. kurt ryan, an associate of the latin .ppellati tonight as we gather, i always express my appreciation to the exxon mobil corp., which is a donor. it gives us substantial contributions each year to put on these programs, pay for expenses. and bring some of these guests from out-of-town. i think of them. tonight, we are going to focus on oil and politics in the persian gulf. and really focus on the prominence of this area and the energy market. the persian gulf area as 60% of the world's proven oil reserves. and 40% of the world's proven gas reserves. in fact, six of the top 40 in the countries in
president obama, who has taken us out of iraq, president obama who has waged a very tough war against al qaeda, has gone after the al qaeda leadership, notably osama bin laden, who has taken out some of the terrorists in yemen, including awlaki, an important terrorist figured there. president obama, because of his actions and his impressive record, has boosted american credibility in some parts of the world. governor romney has been trying to assert that president obama is not strong enough on foreign policy, that he has not supported israel and off, or has been not as tough as he should be on china. i am not sure if that is getting through, and i wonder if governor romney might be better advised in this campaign to articulate in a much more detailed way how he would change american foreign and national security policy on the big issues -- how do we deal with china, russia, how do we get out of afghanistan. we still have 68,000 american men and women in uniform in afghanistan. the debate starts next week, and it looks like foreign policy will be a big part of the debate in the campaign,
. it is certainly not at the level of iraq or afghanistan in terms of threats to western companies. there are some sensitivities you have to observe like the -- they decreed banning it. it does not mean it is law and it is that kind of ambiguous thing. for the moment, you have to go with libyan security. what else can i say? i think that for companies investing in libya now, relationships are a big priority. the startup costs are significant. the restrictions, the legal environment is inherited with gaddafi so you can only own some much amount of stock and that kind of thing. that will change but the government has bigger fish to fry now. i do not expect much change in the next year-18 months. i expect turnover in the ministry and places like that. and now is probably the time to start creating relationships that to sustain you in the long term. >> with regard to the question on oil, this is a real concern in the east and what we saw prior to the july 7 election was a pro-i taney armed group shot down the facility. certainly this issue of oil as a leverage by groups in the east could emerge. i am
, syria, pakistan, iraq -- i met him in person finally before he was going to pakistan. we spent half a day with him. everything that happened, everything composite to his description -- ryan finished in the last years of the bush administration, presided over a transition that was complex and difficult and retired with the highest title of career ambassador. he came back to texas and worked as the dean of a school. at that point, he was looking at a life that would be his own. fortunately, for the united states, the president called again. in very difficult moments, president obama asked him to come back to national service. being the patriot that he is, he did. he left the school and went back to afghanistan as america's ambassador in a moment when we were beginning yet another transition period this afternoon, we have been very blessed to have him come to carnegie to make this stop but his return from afghanistan. he will speak to us about what the transition in that country holds, what the prospects are at why afghanistan still matters to the united states. ladies and gentlemen, p
wars in this country -- iraq, afghanistan, and a war on drugs which killed more african- americans and destroyed more families than the rest combined. why are we not discussing that there are hundreds of thousands, one-third of the black males in florida cannot vote because of a drug war prohibition conviction. thank you. >> i actually agree with him. to take away someone's constitutional right because they have been convicted of a crime or gone to jail for possessing pot -- we have not figured out how to address that at the federal level. all of these voting rights, including voter i.d. have been state by state by state because the constitution says the criteria for voting is set at the state level. we have not figured out an effective way to address that. >> i agree. >> there have been two executive orders that revoke the rights of citizens to have the right to vote, who have served their time in jail or prison and now they no longer have voting rights because -- >> in the war on drugs has incarcerated millions of people. >> it very brief, i'm an officer and the united states arm
opponent said it was tragic to end the war in iraq. he will not tell us how he will end the war in afghanistan. well, i have, and i will. [cheers] while my opponent will spend more money on military hardware and that our joint chiefs do not even want, i will use the money we are no longer spending on were to pay down debt and put more people back to work, rebuilding roads, bridges, and schools. after two wars, it is time to do some nation building right here at home. [cheers and applause] you can choose a future where we reduce our deficit, without sticking it to the middle class. independent experts say my plan would cut the deficit by $4 trillion. last summer i worked with republicans in congress to cut $1 billion of in spending. those of us to believe government can be a force for good should work harder than anybody to reform it so it is leaner, more efficient, and more responsive to the american people. [applause] i want to reform the tax codes so it is simple, fair, and asks the wealthiest households to pay more at over $250,000. the same rate we had when bill clinton was
its ideology. they are grouped in an array of countries including yemen, somalia, and iraq. in particular al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is the group most likely we think to attempt attacks against the united states. we saw this in may with the disruption of an plot to take down an airliner. other groups such as the al qaeda in iraq, as well as militants based in pakistan all pose threats to our citizens and interests in those regions of the formed. -- world. we are also focused on threats poses by iran and hezbollah. iran remains the foremost state sponsor of terrorism over the world. over the past year the threat from iranian sponsored terrorism has increased. inside the united states we remain vigilant to prevent violent extremists from carrying out attacks in the name of al qaeda. this past week the f.b.i. arrest add chicago man after he tried to blow up a crowded bar in the city. a federal judge sentence add virginia man to 0 years in prison for plotting to bomb the u.s. capitol. these plots highlight the danger that al qaeda-inspired extremists pose to our country.
by iraq on israel will be received by the united states as an attack upon the united states. and we will respond militarily. i think you can say that about saudi arabia, too. when i made my statement, you should make people turn to vote. iran wants to destroy saudi arabia, too. >> we will get to iran in a moment, but let's pick up a little of that. it is confusing if you watch both conventions and you listen to people for both parties. one will always claimed that they are superior to the other in their historic support of israel. you have people telling us that republicans are stronger. i forgot these efforts to thwart the u.s. recognition of statehood. that is something obama has not received enough credit for. within a year, we have both a jewish congresspersons, one republican and one democrat saying opposite things. your party would do better in the white house for israel. >> i certainly believe so. it is a very critical period. small things can mean an awful lot when the president has not been to israel, snubs the prime minister, has made outrageous claims. these have conseque
who come back from iraq and afghanistan, i see my grandfather, who signed up after pearl harbor, marched in patton's army, and was rewarded by a grateful nation with the chance to go to college on the g.i. bill. in the face of that young student, who sleeps just three hours before working the night shift, i think about my mom, who raised my sister and me on her own while she worked and earned her degree, who once turned to food stamps, but was still able to send us to the best schools in the country with the help of student loans and scholarships. [applause] when i -- when i listen to another worker tell me that his factory has shut down, i remember all those men and women on the south side of chicago who i stood by and fought for two decades ago after the local steel plant closed. and when i hear a woman talk about the difficulties of starting her own business or making her way in the world, i think about my grandmother, who worked her way up from the secretarial pool to middle management, despite years of being passed over for promotions because she was a woman. she's the one
, for that matter, iran and iraq as well trks there are muslims who have admired the united states until we abandoned them. going back to andrew mccarthy's article, the rule of law, he says, has precious little to do with why we have gotten through 11 years without a reprize of 9/11. a better explanation is the terrorists who have been captured or killed cannot commit more terrorism. i'll insert parenthetically, there are terrorists who were captured, some confined at guantanamo bay, some confined at other facilities, who have been released and who have been found again on the battlefield, killing americans. they were captured, prevented from enacting further terrorism, and then released under some false notion that that would win friends and influence people, only to have other americans killed by these same thugs. back to andrew mccarthy's article. he says on the matter of evil, it is good to remember that it exists. evil is not a misunderstanding, a cultural gaffe. or a natural reaction to political policies adopted in pursuit of american interests or israeli self-defense. that brings us
of america, visiting those who fought in iraq and who have fought in afghanistan, i see that they are great because they were willing to sacrifice at the call of the commander in chief and at the call of their nation. the day i come on this floor to honor all of those who were touched by 9/11 and to remind all of us as members of congress and the nation, never yield to weakness that we are not great, always our democracy, our love of god makes us that. god bless america. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from oregon, mr. blumenauer, for five minutes. mr. blumenauer: thank you, mr. speaker. we return to capitol hill ending the summer recess with strong conflicting emotions. today is the 11th anniversary of 9/11, the horrific attacks that locked the nation and especially were poignant for us on capitol hill. as representatives of the government, we have sworn to uphold and defend these senseless, horrific acts, exposed a real vulnerability. we all remember what -- as we felt as we were watching the twin towers collapse and then the plane crash in the pentagon and the
iraq, more than anything lieutenant colonel vrabel from a father, husband, and son. a proud dad of three children ages 11, 9, 2. otis so loved and was loved by his family. as his mother said, her son died defending all that he held dear. quote, he was the best of the best, she said. indeed, mrs. vrabel, he was. today we as a nation say thank you to lieutenant colonel vrabel and his entire family. we are so grateful for your service and your sacrifice protecting our freedom. you have made your family and your nation better. through your sacrifice you have made america strong. through your courage you have made america proud. and many times i'm sure you soared above the clouds where you could touch the face of god, now you rest in his loving arms for eternity. thank you, kohl member. our nation thanks you as well. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair recognizings the gentleman from puerto rico, mr. pierluisi, for five minutes. mr. pierluisi: thank you, mr. speaker. on november 6, the u.s. territory of puerto rico will hold a plebby site on th
seven tough years we left iraq. and as you know, we are engaged today in afghanistan's hell man province. we come from the sea. having our marines on ships and available around the world accomplishes many things. the mere presence of a war ship offshore loaded with marines or even the knowledge that there are only a few days away is often enough to curb the actions of many actors around the world. while our sister services act in a single domain, the army on land, navy at sea and air force in space, the marines are different. we don't operate in a singledom ain but operate in the lane, the lane that opens up in the stages of conflicts that transcends all three of the dwow mains that i spoke of. we bring a combined arms force that can respond as quickly as required. this force may be needed to open the door for the larger joint force or follow-on capabilities across the elements of our national power. lastly, since we are all concerned about the fiscal challenges facing our nation that was talked about, i thought you might be interested in knowing what america gets for its low sticker pri
have done over the years in iraq and afghanistan has been pure foreign aid. and we have point of order millions into pakistan and egypt throughout the middle east. our nation is $16 trillion in debt. we are borrowing this money to send the money that is exploding with anti-american rage. 17 americans have been killed by afghan police whom they were training. now we have our ambassador and three others killed in libya. we should have gotten out of afghanistan years ago. we need to get out now and not take too long to do it. we must not run the whole world and start putting our own country first once and for all. the speaker pro tempore: are there any further requests for one minutes? being none, the chair lays before the house the following personal requests. the clerk: leave of absence requested for mr. berman of california for today. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the request is granted. the chair will recognize members without prejudice to the presumption of legislative business. under the speaker's announced policy of january 5, 2011, the gentleman from maryland, mr. ho
by representative akin, would direct the v.a. to establish and maintain an open byrne-pitt -- veterans of iraq and afghanistan who may have been exposed to toxic chemicals and fumes caused by open burn pits occurring deployment. it would require v.a. to develop a public campaign to inform eligible veterans of the registry and periodically notify them of significant developments and the study and treatments of those associated with burn pit exposure. it would also direct the v.a. to contract with an independent scientific organization to develop a report on the effectiveness of actions taken to collect and maintain information on the health affects of burn pit exposure and submit the completed report to congress. many of our service members and veterans have returned from iraq and afghanistan with grave concerns about the possible long-term health effects of burn pit exposure. with this provision, i hope we will move one step closer to providing them answers which may lead to getting them more effective health care. finally, section 5, which incorporates language offered by mr. stearns, a good
afghanistan. some from iraq. and i will leave with a heavy heart because i will see the broken bodies, i will see the young men and some women that have lost legs, other parts of their bodies, some paralyzed from the waste down, some with burned faces, and yet the congress sleeps through this war. i ask my friends on both sides, when we get back in november, let's pass a resolution saying that we need to bring our troops home in 2013. madam speaker, before closing i have signed over 10,855 letters to families in america and extended families because of my weakness and my mistake on iraq. a war that never had to be fought. look at iraq today. it's falling apart. it is time for us to stop trying to build empires and to rebuild america. i yield back the balance of my time. thank you. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the chair recognizes the gentleman from virginia, mr. connolly, for five minutes. mr. connolly: madam speaker, republicans have pursued an obstructionist agenda since taking control of this body. seemingly to risking harm to our economy
, ending the war in afghanistan, just like we did in iraq and usinghat money to repair our roads and our bitches' -- our bridges and our schools. that will create hundreds of thousands of jobs here at home. it is quite simple. unlike the republican party, and this is not your father's republican party. this is not even that romney's father's republican party. i have worked with too many great people over the years and they're not bad guys. as my brother would say, it's just a different breed of cat. unlike them, we see a future for everyone, where everyone, rich and poor does their part and has a part. we see the future -- and we are committed to our core, or our granddaughters and daughters have every single solitary opportunity are grandson's and sons have. [applause] where we are number one in the world again in college graduates, or social security is protected, medicare is guaranteed, where we promote the private sector and not a privileged sector. [applause] we see a future where american elites not only by the power of her example, -- not only by the example of her power but the p
in iraq was tragic. i said we would go after al qaeda. we did. i said we would take out osama bin laden. we did. our troops are out of iraq. we are bringing them home. as long as i am commander in chief, we will serve our veterans as well as a surge us. no one who fights for this country should have to fight for a job when they come home. that is why i am running for a second term. we have some big choices we have to make. the other side is going to spend the next two months. and they're fighting back with everything they got. they are going to get your an avalanche of insults and distraction. they may massage the truth a little bit. they will be supportive of him million-dollar checks from wealthy owners. they know even if you do not buy into their plan, even if you do not vote for them, maybe we will discourage people and give people so disillusioned by all negativity that you will decide to sit this one out. do you know what? i am counting on you. i am counting on you. if you're not registered to vote, you have to go to gotta if you want to find out h
, and health care, including mental health care. see, that's why barack's running, to end the war in iraq responsibly to build an economy that lifts every family, to make sure health care is available for every american, and to make sure that every single child in this nation has a world-class education all the way from preschool to college. that's what barack obama will do as president of the united states of america. he'll achieve these goals the same way he always has, by bringing us together and reminding us how much we share and how alike we really are. careee, barack doesn't where you're from, or what your background is, or what party, if any, you belong to. see, that's just not how he sees the world. he knows that thread that connects us -- our belief in america's promise, our commitment to our children's future -- he knows that that thread is strong enough to hold us together as one nation even when we disagree. it was strong enough to bring hope to those neighborhoods in chicago. it was strong enough to bring hope to the mother he met who was worried about her child in iraq, hope
into in iraq, because it was under false pretenses. voted him back in. host: martha? guest: your comment is rich about what i study and what i teach about in voting behavior. the first thing you mentioned the idea of defense and why is it maybe people feel more secure the guyuse obama giot that cause 9/11 when bush to let it happen. right now, whether that is the veracity of the statement of letting it happen, under bush, that's up to whatever you believe. right now that's not really on people's mind. it was bigger on people's minds in 2008. that was an important issue pour obama, to try to get the soldiers out of iraq and into a canister and and then out of afghanistan. right now what people are focusing on is the recovery from what was the worst economic crisis since the great depression, many say. so that's what people are focusing on. if you look at the economic forecasting models, the economy, it's going down, it's the worst possible thing for an incumbent. even if the economy is not necessarily going down, if it is perceived as going down, it's all about perception. clearly, what's
and iraq and was there when his father passed away. they are fighting for our freedoms. look what our country has become. guest: thank you so much for your nephews and their service. that is why we are holding on to our freedoms. it is about choice and freedom. host: she does not agree with your stance on some issue but supports the freedom to have those stances. guest: i think we exactly agree. the stance is about letting folks make their own decision and not letting government get in the way of a personal decision that folks need to make in their lives. it is about letting folks do what they need to do. we need to live in a country where folks are free to do what they need to do. i believe it it is about freedom. a value that is help so strongly in the democratic party. host: patricia from idaho. caller: hi. i have been watching you for years. i listen to what she was saying. i got pregnant when i was 39. i lived in north carolina and went to the hospital and got my checkup and they passed the on through. the next time i went, they said i was too old to have this baby. i was in tear
in iraq and he has. [applause] he said he would draw down troops in afghanistan, and today, every single virginia national guard unit is home for the first time in a decade and we are so happy. [applause] he said he would go after al qaeda and he would take out he said he would try something that teddy roosevelt first talked about -- reforming health care systems, and he did. [applause] he promised to fight for equal pay for women, college affordability for students, fair treatment for lgbt americans, and he has kept his word. [applause] our president, president obama, is a tough leader who gets results for the american public. [applause] now, next week we commemorate the 11th anniversary of 9/11. many virginians, too many virginians, lost their lives at the pentagon on a 9/11 and in the wars we have fought since. when i was governor, i went to the funerals of our virginia guard members. i know people who lost their kids. i know service members who returned with their lives changed forever. their sacrifice reminds us that we are not democrats and republicans first. we are americans first
hopeful about the world that we live in. the war in iraq is over. american troops have come home. we have begun the transition in afghanistan. and we will end our war on schedule in 2014. al-qaida has been weakened. bin laden is no more. nations have come together. americawe have seen hard choices made. to put more power in the hands of citizens. and in a time of economic challenge from the world has come together to broaden prosperity. through the g20 we have partnered with emerging countries to keep the world on the path to recovery. -- and worked with african leaders to help them feed their nations. new partnerships have been formed to combat corruption, and promote government that is open and transparent. and to ensure that women and be a part of politics. all of these things give me hope. what gives me the most hope is not the actions of us, not the actions of leaders, but the american troops who sacrificed their limbs for strangers half a world away. the students who are eager to use their knowledge to benefit mankind. the faces and the square to see democracy giving voice to their
. it seems to never stop increasing. we have had the war in iraq for 10 years. that has cost as well, around $1 trillion? the war in afghanistan has been dragging on for 11 years. that is costing us on the $500 billion. we spend a huge amount of the budget -- half of the discretionary defense -- discretionary spending is on defense. i think spending on the military has doubled in 10 years. now we have a $1 trillion deficit the last fiscal year. if the defense hawks of the military industrial complex want to increase defense spending -- is that not cry out for tax increases? if he was significant spending -- if you want more spending even though we did not have a major threat by the soviet union facing us, does that not require -- let me mention simpson bowles. i think simpson bowles calls for cuts in defense. guest: people thought a lot of figures. on a few of them are right. defense spending is only 20% of the discretionary budget. another fundamental is the defense of the country is the most fundamental responsibility in our constitution. we do have to see that is maintained. the defense o
that they had captured some military sites in iraq where they have found chemical weapons, components, capability, whatever it may be. so, do you now believe that rebels have a potentially found -- some of serious chemical weapons capability? if you believe that serious chemical weapons have been moved beyond the initial incident of many, many weeks ago? and what concerns does this now pose and the equation? does it raise the concern that iranian forces inside syria could be getting their hands on a chemical capabilities? >> first and foremost, as i have expressed, obviously, we continue to have a concern about the security of cbw sites. we continue to monitor that. we are working with the countries in the region to ensure that we have the best information possible with regards to the sites and how they are being secured. at this stage, with regards to the major sites that we are looking at, we do believe that those sites still remain secured by the syrian military. there has been a intelligence that there have been some moves that have taken place, where exactly that has taken place,
and iraq. i ask god to bless my colleagues in the house and colleagues in the senate and, god, i'll ask -- i'll ask god three times, mr. speaker. please, god, please, god, please, god, continue to bless america and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentlewoman from texas, ms. jackson lee, for five minutes. ms. jackson lee: i'd like to join my colleague in asking for the blessings on this nation and to remind america that we gathered on tuesday together in commemoration, in recognition of 9/11. but america also needs us to do better. and i speak in the backdrop of a horrific tragedy that we are all reminded of in the loss of americans and what continues to be an attack on our values. that's why it's important for us to shed all that partisanship leads to. the lack of bringing forth bills that would help all of america. so i am here this morning to remind us of work undone. that we had just 61 bills that have been signed into law this year, the fewest in more than 60 years, and all of 2011, only 90 bills were signed into law. and so we know in the last sessio
participating in this killing. they have vetted the killing of american soldiers in iraq. and before that, iranian proxy's killed hundreds of troops in beirut and in saudi arabia. they have turned lebanon and gaza into terrorist strongholds, and betting nearly 100,000 missiles and rockets in civilian areas. thousands of these rockets and misfiles have already been fired at -- missiles have already been fired at israeli communities. in the last year, they have spread their international terror networks to two dozen countries across five continents, from india and thailand to kenya and bowl garecht. -- and bulgaria. they even planned to blow up a restaurant a few blocks from the white house in order to kill a diplomat. and of course, iran posing rulers repeatedly denounced rulers repeatedly denied the holocaust. i ask you, given this record of iranian aggression without nuclear weapons just imagine iranian aggression with nuclear weapons. imagine a long-range missiles tipped with nuclear warheads. there terrorist networks armed with nuclear war peck -- nuclear warheads. who among you would
was the biggest security problem confronting america, didn't respond iraq, iran, didn't respond terrorists, didn't respond other enemies around the world. he said the biggest security concern that he had, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, was the fiscal challenge that was not being addressed in america. . mr. speaker, we need to address it, i hope my friend the majority leader, and he and i worked together on a number of things, we worked on a number of things this session we passed in a bipartisan fashion, i would hope that he and i would both commit ourselves to during the lame duck session do our responsibility to america and to our constituents in reaching a bowles-simpson-domenici, gang of six, almost every economist that has spoken to this issue has said you need a balanced plan. and if we simply have sold our soul, mr. speaker, to grover norquist on asking people to help bring this debt and deficit down, mr. speaker, we will not succeed. but if we summons the turge and the will to solve this problem, we can do it, mr. speaker. i'm hopeful that my friend, the majority leader, and
walter reed hospital to say thank you to our wounded from afghanistan and iraq and i saw those who have lost both legs, arms and legs and it's so sad to go there, but that brings me to the floor today to thank the chairman of the armed services appropriations committee, c.w. "bill" young who has come out and said it's time to bring our troops home from afghanistan. and i quote, i think we should remove ourselves from afghanistan as quickly as we can. mr. speaker, that brings me to a couple comments. i called the former commandant of the marine corps and asked him three years ago to advise me on afghanistan. he has. he's been very -- i want to read his comments and then i will close. i am most convinced than ever that we need to get our troops out of afghanistan. when our friends turn out to be our enemy, it's time to pull the plug. we are now nothing more than a recruiting post for every malcontent in the middle east. we need to wake up. i would say to the speaker who just left, i would say to the leadership of the republican party, join us in bringing our troops home in the year 2013.
sacrifice in iraq and afghanistan at the hallowed grounds of arlington semithe terry and had the -- cemetery and had the opportunity to say thank you and visit some of our wounded warriors at walter reed. then last night, we learned the news of this attack in benghazi. as americans, let us never, ever forget that our freedom is only sustained because there are people who are willing to fight for it. to stand up for it. and in some cases lay down their lives for it. our country is only as strong as the character of our people and the service of those, both civilian and military, who represent us around the globe. no act of terror will shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for. today we mourn for more americans who represent the very best of -- for four americans who represent the best of the united states of america. we will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act and make no mistake, justice will be done. but we also know that the lives these americans led stand in stark contrast to
are returning home from iraq and afghanistan, we cannot be creating uncertainty and allowing a lapse of service and pay. one is diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and will be medley discharged, he deserves to know we will stand up for him and others like him. let me say again, the passage of this amendment will not prevent the passage of the underlying bill and i urge my republican and democratic colleagues to vote yes on this final amendment and support our military and support our veterans. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. for what purpose does the gentleman from kentucky seek recognition? mr. rogers: in opposition. the speaker pro tempore: from indiana state his parliamentary inquiry. mr. burton: as i understand it, there is foreign-aid money in this bill and i want to know if any of it is going to libya or egypt. ambassador has been killed and the muslim brotherhood runs egypt and we are going to give them money? i would like to have an answer. the speaker pro tempore: the chair cannot respond to that inquiry. the chair can
on the iraq war, the afghanistan war, in tax reductions and not paid for by president george w. bush. this president wants to reduce the deficit and maintain targeted spending in areas that provide long-term growth -- education, infrastructure, research -- those are things we have always done that all of the country to move forward. host: we have been talking with mayor anthony foxx, a democrat, mayor of charlotte. we look forward to hearing your speech tonight at the convention. thank you for being with us on c-span. guest: thank you. host: coming up, we will talk with the president of the chamber of commerce in charlotte, bob morgan in just a minute, but we also want to show you the convention center. this is where the media has gathered. all of the media will have workspaces in the convention center. the delegates could come over there. there are some shops, places to buy souvenirs and a lot of security goes into the convention center as well. it is not quite nearly as heavy as the times warner cable arena, but you can see the gifts that you can buy. the convention kicks off today
of the department of homeland security. everybody in iraq's with them when they take a flight. -- everybody interacts with them when they take a fight. they have been getting away from the guard mentality, trying to be an agency that is a proactive instead of reactive. they are standing their behavior detection program, where they can spot suspicious behavior, and they are trying to be -the air marshals as well. host: what is significant about its place under dhs? guest: it has been reorganizing itself a little bit. again, the most public example of this is the screeners are allowed to unionize after a lot of resistance, after dhs once said they do not want you to unionize because it might pose a risk to national security if they cannot deploy quickly, or if they squabble about where they need to be at a specific time. they are realizing the ways to bring training in, uniformity in, and make the agency a lot more functioning on an even keel. host: the washington correspondent for "homeland security today. -- today." how many people work for tsa and what is the range of jobs they do? we pict
bin laden to justice, who ended the war in iraq and is ending the war in afghanistan. this is the president who ended "don't ask, don't tell" so that love of country, not love of another, determines fitness for military service. who made equal pay for equal work the law of the land. this is the president who saved the american auto industry from extinction, the american financial industry from self- destruction, and the american economy from depression. who added over 4.5 million private sector jobs in the last two-plus years, more jobs than george w. bush added in eight. the list of accomplishments is long, impressive and barely told-even more so when you consider that congressional republicans have made obstruction itself the centerpiece of their governing strategy. with a record and a vision like that, i will not stand by and let him be bullied out of office-and neither should you, and neither should you and neither should you. i want you to be clear,what's at stake is real. the orchard gardens elementary school in boston was in trouble. its record was poor, its sp
as well. before joining kato, he was a special assistant adviser to the multinational force in iraq on rule lot issues. he published -- he is published widely and the lectures settle schools across the country. i will now turn of the program over to him and return after lunch to moderate our second program. please welcome ilya shapiro. [applause] >> thank you. every year at this time on this stage, i am ever so thankful to roger for plucking me out of the big treadmill so i can do more interesting and hopefully more meaningful work here. welcome to our 11th annual constitution to a conference where we release the supreme court review, the nation's first in-depth review of the most recent supreme court term. we hope this conference -- we hold this conference every year on constitution day but this year we poked it -- we pushed it back a day to accommodate rosh hashana. we are proud of the speed with which we public to this tome. the last decided cases had norm -- no more than a month to digest. this is not a typical law review. they use more space for footnotes. instead, this is a bo
-- can we take action if we want to? >> with regard to iraq, there is a pretty strong level of confidence that we have a good handle on the program. with that said, there is always potential for surprises. what this president has insured is that we have taken the necessary preparatory steps so that the options are real. they are ready. i can tell you that when he talks about the military option being available, he is not bluffing. it is a very real option. it has been planned and rehearsed. it is there for the current president of the future president to use. that is the insurance against being surprised, if you will. at this point we have a pretty good handle on where this program is headed. if i could take up your point on afghanistan, we do have a transition plan on afghanistan. that is being increased by the afghans and by all of our 49 partners, in nato and otherwise, who are on the ground with us over there. it is not in 2014 we are going to abandon afghanistan. we have signed a strategic partnership with afghanistan. we envision a residual force that will be able to continue to wor
that supports iran's nuclear program, roadside bombs in iraq, rockets for hezbollah and hamas and hate-filled teachings in saudi arabia. we broke that destructive cycle when the democrats passed and to his credit president bush signed the 2007 energy bill that included the energy that i co-authored to require new fuel economy standards to be set. president obama accelerated the implementation and used the clean air act to require additional reductions in demand for oil and we are now back down to importing only 45% of our oil. got that arithmetic? 57% imported oil on the day george bush walked out of the white house in january, 2009. 45% dependence today. good job, president obama. let's stay on that path. that was not accomplished by launching a war on the auto industry. because 13, that's right, 13 major auto companies support these standards. the unions support the standards. environmental organizations. by repealing these standards republicans have launched a war against every single resident of this country whose hard-earned paychecks get poured into their gas tanks and have to pa
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